Fisherman’s Friend fights back hay fever

Fortify the demand for hay fever relief for summer

Pack shots of Fisherman's Friend lozenges including Original, Honey & Lemon Sugar Free and Blackcurrant Sugar Free.
Throat pain relief lozenge brand Fisherman’s Friend is out to drive up volume sales for the incoming hay fever season with its new marketing campaign.

ALLERGEN remedy lozenge brand Fisherman’s Friend has called on retailers to stock up on its range of lozenges to prepare for the incoming hay fever season.

As many consumers suffer from the bane of a runny nose, puffy eyes and sore throats that all come from the summer-time allergen, Fisherman’s Friend reckons that retailers could stand to benefit here with a strong range of hay fever solutions.

This comes after the brand’s factory data revealed a surge in sales over the past two consecutive hay fever seasons, boasting a 40% surge in value sales as well as an impressive uptick of 27% in volume sales last year.

And it looks as though shoppers will be in store for another summer of sore throats as Allergy UK has cautioned of an incremental rise in hay fever sufferers, prompting Fisherman’s Friend to predict another surge in demand.

Jon R White, regional business manager at Fisherman’s Friend, said: “As we enter 2024 hay fever season, Allergy UK warns that rising temperatures are resulting in allergens emerging sooner and lingering for extended periods. And over the past three decades, hay fever cases have tripled, impacting one in four adults.

“With experts forecasting allergen persistence until January next year, this underscores a substantial market demand for effective relief products and presents a significant opportunity for retailers and pharmacists.”

Further catering to this spike in demand, Fisherman’s Friend is set to kick off its new ‘Restore in the Great Outdoors’ social media campaign this summer.

The brand is set team up with leading outdoor influencers to incentivise followers to embrace the best of the summer season with Fisherman’s Friend to help combat symptoms. The brand estimates it will reach an impressive 124,800 consumers through the campaign.

White said: “Fisherman’s Friend enables retailers to accommodate a wide range of taste preferences – from Original Menthol, to Mint and Honey & Lemon.

“Our packs contain a high number of individual lozenges, ensuring longer-lasting relief compared with many competitor brands.

“And in today’s economic landscape, where shoppers are keen to maximise value, Fisherman’s Friend surfaces as an increasingly compelling choice – reinforcing its status as a must-stock brand during hay fever season and beyond.”