Hancocks rolls out new Barratt range

Iconic sweets brand unveils new launches

New range of Barratt Sweets including Wham Flash & Dip Pop, Wham Rope, Fruit Salad Rope and Dip Dab Duo Twist.
Confectionery wholesaler Hancocks has touted the new range of sweets from Barratt as key additions to retailers’ confectionery stock this summer.

UK confectionery wholesaler Hancocks has encouraged retailers to stock up on the new range of products from iconic confectionery brand Barratt.

The new sweets come from some of Barrat’s most popular brands including Wham, Fruit Salad and Dip Dab.

Pack shot of new Wham Flash & Dip Pop with the shelf-ready-pack.
Offering a novelty with Wham Flash & Dip Pop.

Firstly, the confectioner has launched its new Wham Flash & Dip Pop, a new novelty line for the Wham brand with a new dip and lick lollipop. The sour raspberry lollipop can be twisted off at the top to reveal a small tub of candy starburst pieces which are designed to stick to the lollipop.

Each comes with an RRP of £1.29 and is convenient to stock for retailers due to its shelf-ready pack which includes 12 lollipops. Each one has a button on pack which allows the sweet to be lit up as well.

Next up is the Dip Dab Duo Twist, offering a novelty take on the classic sweet with two tubes in one.

The yellow tube contains a lemon-flavoured sherbet with a strawberry candy spray filled in the red side, offering a truly novel take on the classic Dip Dab lollipop and sherbet sweet.

Pack shot of Dip Dab Duo Twist with the shelf-ready-pack.
Dip Dab Duo Twist can offer a new take on the classic confectionery.

Each comes with an RRP of £1 and is suitable for vegans as well. The Dip Dab Dup Twist also comes in a shelf-ready pack.

Finally, Barratt has launched a new line of Ropes candies including Wham Rope and Fruit Salad Rope.

The Wham Rope boasts a sour raspberry flavour soft candy rope which has been covered in sour pieces across it.

And the Fruit Salad Rope offers a more tropical option with a raspberry and pineapple flavoured soft candy rope which has been covered in fruity mini bites.

Both have an RRP of £0.99 per Rope and Hancocks have encouraged retailer to stock up on these launches to help maximise potential confectionery sales.

Donna Landman, senior brand manager at Hancocks, said: “The new range from Barratt is the perfect choice for consumers seeking nostalgic flavours with a modern twist.

New Wham Rope and Fruit Salad Rope pack shots.
Barratt has rolled out its own candy Rope line with Wham and Fruit Salad.

“Wham, Fruit Salad and Dip Dab are household brands where consumers know they’ll be in for a delicious treat when they spot the products on the shelves.

“What’s great is that the new lines can help maintain the loyal customer base but also expand it to new audiences seeking an exciting new confectionery snack.

“The Wham and Fruit Salad brands have had fantastic growth year-on-year. It’s great to see this celebrated through the release of new products.

“We always encourage retailers to stock up on exciting new ranges so shoppers have a fresh selection of tasty treats ready to greet them in stores.

“We recommend displaying the products on shelves with clear and attractive POS to attract customers and encourage them to purchase from the newly released products.”