Mount Gay rum unveils new edition in Master Blender Collection

Celebrating the heritage of Caribbean rum

A bottle of Mount Gay The Coffey Still Expression rum sits next to its blue packaging with a sniffing glass with the rum inside.
Caribbean rum brand Mount Gay has unveiled the Seventh Edition in its Master Blender Collection with the new Mount Gay Coffey Still Expression.

CARIBBEAN rum brand Mount Gay has introduced the seventh limited edition in its new Master Blender Collection with The Coffey Still Expression.

This bespoke release marks the first Coffey Still release by Mount Gay since the still was recommissioned in 2019 and highlights the brand’s heritage in rum making.

Pack shot of Mount Gay The Coffey Still Expression with the bottle sitting outside its blue box.
Mount Gay Rum has honoured its former worker Reynold Hinds in its latest launch in the Master Blender Collection.

A limited edition release, only 5,004 bottles have rolled out of the new rum that has been tropically aged in heavily charred ex-Bourbon casks for four years after being distilled in the 100% copper Coffey Still, which is one of only three still in operation in the world.

In disrepair for decades until the still was recommissioned in 2019, the vertical Coffey Still helps to offers a glimpse into how rum was made back in the 19th century, says Mount Gay, adding to the new expression’s homage to rum-making over the years.

The new release comes in tribute to Reynold Hinds, also known as Blues, who worked at Mount Gay for over 50 years and helped to create the rum we find on store shelves today until his passing in 2021. Further to this, it was Blues’ extensive knowledge that allowed engineers to restore the Coffey Still and ensure it can be used once again in the modern day.

To honour this, the new launch has been dedicated to Blues and has been made using 100% molasses from Barbados to help make it a truly traditional Caribbean rum.

The final result comes bottled at 58% and is non-chill filtered in order to preserve the rum’s aromas and natural colour in a 700ml bottle for $240 RSP.

Trudiann Branker, master blender at Mount Gay, said: “Crafting this expression was a journey into the heart of Mount Gay’s history. Blues’ influence on the rums we all enjoy today is immeasurable, and this release is a tribute to his legacy and the craftsmanship that defines Mount Gay.”

Antoine Couvreur, managing director at Mount Gay, said: “This release is not just a new expression; it’s a heartfelt tribute to Blues, a beloved member of the Mount Gay family.

“His spirit and expertise continue to influence our craft, and this is our way of preserving his legacy.”