Meal powder brand Vybey rolls into the UK

Vybey makes a foray into brick & mortar retail

Functional meal powder brand Vybey is making its way to the UK’s brick and mortar stores for the first time as it rolls out its Complete Meal Shake range.

MEAL powder provider Vybey has made its first foray into the UK’s brick & mortar stores with its range of brain-care nutrition meal supplements.

Initially, the brand will be available via Wholefoods with a range including a 1.5kg pouch as well as its 80g powder in a bottle format coming in a dairy-based Vanilla flavour as well as a plant-based Chocolate option.

Eventually though, Vybey has said it will look to implement its Braincare Smart Greens and Braincare Smart Focus range in the UK’s stores as well, the latter of which marks an ambitious coffee-alternative in the market.

After making a splash over in Australia in 2021, the meal powder brand has gone on to enjoy international acclaim for its products.

Founded by Scottish entrepreneurs Gordon Belch and Rory Paterson, Vybey aims to cater to the growing number of health-conscious consumers who are constantly seeking new ways to help improve their wellbeing.

The range includes the brain-care nutrition of nootropics, which are supplements used to help stimulate the brain which can help to improve blood flow around the body, help to improve memory and support overall brain health.

And with the growing appeal of protein-rich powders among consumers, there will be plenty of health-conscious shoppers that will be aiming to look all kinds of functional support brands, such as with Vybey.

Gordon Belch, co-founder of Vybey, said: “We try and see things a little differently from a number of our sports nutrition peers.

“Be that our innovative meal powders in a bottle, which not only enables consumers to add their liquid of choice but also dodge the unwelcome ‘added oil’ that many ready-to-drink meal shakes introduce to bump up the calorie count.

“Then there’s Vybey’s unwavering commitment to brain-boosting ingredients such as the nootropic lion’s mane mushroom, which support cognitive function and wider wellbeing needs.”