Is #candysalad the next TikTok trend?

An emerging social media trend ideal for retailers

Confectionery wholesaler Hancocks reckons the new TikTok social media trend #candysalads is a prime one for c-store retailers to make the most out of.

SOCIAL media outlets have been dominating the demand with consumers’ sweet tooths as of late and the latest TikTok trend is set to continue this momentum.

While there are plenty of shoppers out there familiar with the traditional Glasgow Salad option, influencers across TikTok are out to add their own take on the oxymoronic unhealthy salad choice.

Dubbed the #candysalad trend on TikTok, the new social media trend sees influencers bring together some of their favourite sweet confections into one massive serving bowl, ideal for party situations.

The #candysalad trend has already proven wildly popular for TikTok viewers in the UK, racking up a total 2billion views for the trend overall.

The trend, despite initially taking off in the States, has proven a surefire hit in the UK lately, generating 13million views on TikTok over a period of seven days, coming from 443 posts that contain the hashtag.

And with convenience stores across Scotland in a prime position to tap into the latest social media trends, this one seems it could be an ideal fit for stores’ expansive confectionery ranges.

As a result, massive confectionery wholesaler Hancocks has encouraged c-store retailers to stock up on some of the most popular confectionery lines and sharing bags to help their customers to tap into this emerging trend.

Further to this, the firm has touted its range of American confectionery, an already popular part to the TikTok trend making them an absolute must-stock for plenty of retailers out there.

These include the firm’s Sour Punch Straws, Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon, Warheads Sour Jelly Beans, Tootsie Sour Dots and Warheads Sour Ooze Chews.

Hancocks reckons this trend will go beyond the American demand though and has urged retailers to look at its Kingsway range of products as well, which offers 200 bulk pick and mix options for customers to choose from.

This will be a particular point of difference for consumers as well as the #candysalad trend has seen shoppers picking out green sweets for their bowls in particular, to reflect the colour of the garden-variety salad.

Hancocks said these particular Kingsway options could also be merchandised as ‘candy salad’ bags, offering a convenient option for those looking for a simpler way to take part in the trend.

Kathryn Hague, head of marketing at Hancocks, said: “We have loved seeing everyone’s candy salads online. It is such a fun trend and really shows that a simple idea can cause so much excitement.

“We have always encouraged retailers to stock a wide range of pick and mix treats, as well as a good range of share bags. Now, retailers can maximise on these products and cash in on confectionery sales.

“Retailers should encourage customers to create their personalised candy salad by creating their own pick and mix bag, or by purchasing share bags and making a candy salad at home.

“Showing customers you are tuned into trending products and helping them create their own version is a great way to encourage repeat customers.”


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