Vievé goes Wild on Cherries

Protein water brand unveils a new flavour

Protein water brand Vievé is out to bring an extra kick to the hydration demand this summer with the launch of its new Wild Cherry flavour.

PROTEIN water brand Vievé aims to bring a wild burst of fruity flavour with the launch of its latest Wild Cherry variant.

Packed with 20g of protein, the new drink offers a light and refreshing functional water option for consumers who are seeking an extra kick with their hydration needs this summer.

The drink is dairy as well as fat free – making it a valuable option for protein drink seeking shoppers with a lactose issue – and also only contains 90 calories per bottle.

Vievé Wild Cherry contains 20g of collagen protein specifically not only making it a good choice in post-workout drink but also support skin cells.

This makes the seventh new flavour in the brand’s core range of fruity protein water drinks with the remaining six naturally-flavoured variants including Strawberry & Rhubarb, Watermelon, Peach & Raspberry, Orange & Mango, Pineapple & Coconut and Citrus & Apple.

Wild Cherry makes up the seventh flavour in the Vievé range.

Wild Cherry is available now across independent retailers, gyms as well as Amazon and the Vievé online store with an RRP of £2.29 per 500ml bottle.

Rafael Rozenson, founder and chief executive at Vievé, said: “We are excited to be launching Wild Cherry as the latest addition to our range of protein waters.

“We found this to be the most popular flavour within our vegan range, but discovered that 50% of those purchasing it weren’t actually vegan.

“To meet the huge demand for this flavour, we’ve reformulated it into our core range with a significantly higher protein level.

“At this time of year, consumers are looking for fresh and invigorating flavours and I think we’ve captured that perfectly with Wild Cherry; it’s a delightful combination of hydration and protein.

“As with all drinks in the range, Wild Cherry contains no added sugar and is gluten-free, making it ideal for the health market, as well as being the ultimate thirst-quencher for the warmer months.”