Belhaven pushes Euros off-trade opportunities

Brewer points to sales potential for at-home gatherings

Belhaven is driving the opportunity for beer and food pairings for the summer.
Belhaven is driving the opportunity for beer and food pairings for the summer.

RETAILERS are looking ahead to a fun-filled summer with endless opportunities to help drive up sales as consumers seek to enjoy plenty of fun with the sun.

The upcoming Euros presents, arguably, the biggest of these summer opportunities for retailers as well, with plenty of shoppers inviting friends and family round to watch the game, driving up the at-home occasion during summer.

Fiona Matheson, senior brand manager at Belhaven Brewery, reckons this presents an ample opportunity for the off-trade, particularly with beer options such as Belhaven that not only shout out about the Scottish nature of the product but also offer consumers a point of difference on the shelf.

She said: “The upcoming football tournament is a massive opportunity for retailers, as it coincides with the beginning of summer and so it’s the perfect time for bigger gatherings and celebrations.

“We understand that times shared together are the best and so larger pack formats will be key for the tournament as consumers will be looking for ease of shop and value when getting together for key games.

“Our Belhaven Best pack of 12 cans is an ideal choice for consumers looking to support their nation with a truly Scottish beer.

“Stout is also a style that has experienced a big resurgence in popularity in the last few years and, with the recent branding refresh for Belhaven Black, we are hoping to capture drinkers looking to explore wider styles of beer during the tournament.”

And it’s not just the off-trade that stands to benefit as the summer months present plenty of chances for some al fresco dining, with consumers seeking the best options for the barbecue or a refreshing salad for a light dinner in the evening.

So this time of year makes it the perfect time to help drive up some drink and food pairings for the evening and push extra link-up sales from consumers in stores.

Matheson said: “Consumers are looking for ease of shop when planning bigger gatherings with friends and family. Retailers can help with food pairing suggestions, whether that be barbecue essentials or even snacks pairings that will add that little bit more thought to the wider occasion.”