Shaken Udder gets playful in new campaign

Injecting light-hearted fun into milkshakes

Premium milkshake brand Shaken Udder aims to inject more fun into consumers’ daily lives with its playful new multi-million-pound marketing campaign.

PREMIUM milkshake brand Shaken Udder aims to inject some playful fun into consumers’ days with its new marketing campaign.

The new campaign launched on Monday 20 May and plays on, what the brand calls, ‘grown-up-isms’ with every day phrases used across shoppers’ working days including office-talk with one example as ‘by end of play’ – meaning by the end of the working day.

Marketing will draw attention to Shaken Udder’s core range if 330ml milkshakes that come in seven different flavours including Chocolush, Vanillalicious and Strawberry Dream.

Each advert draws attention to the natural ingredients found in Shaken Udder milkshakes.

The creative also makes use of the real ingredients found in the milkshakes across its images, helping to draw attention to  and shout out the natural foods found in the drinks.

The multi-million-pound media campaign includes four weeks of out-of-home advertising that the brand is estimating will reach up to 35million adults, as well as digital marketing, social media, influencer marketing, sampling opportunities and retailer activation throughout the summer months.

Jo Abram, marketing director at Shaken Udder, said: “Our adult lives are packed full of ‘grown-up-isms’ that can make life feel quite heavy.

“We want to sprinkle a bit of Shaken Udder positivity and playfulness into grown-ups’ everyday lives through a light-hearted advertising campaign that reminds people to not take certain aspects of life too seriously.

“After all, you can’t tale life too seriously when you’re drinking a Shaken Udder.”