Real Greek serves up in Tesco stores

Restaurant chain rolls out new ready meals range

Greek restaurant chain The Real Greek has entered the retail space as it kicks off its line of authentic Greek ready meals in Tesco stores.

GREEK restaurant chain The Real Greek has launched its first range of retail products as it comes to Tesco stores nationwide.

Featuring a range of 15 authentic Greek food dishes, the range covers off a range of hot and cold classic Greek foods such as Moussaka, Pastitsio and Tzatziki.

The Real Greek reckons the new range will allow consumers to recreate and authentic, restaurant-style experience from the comfort of their homes with a diverse range that celebrates Greece’s expansive gastronomic selection.

Working in collaboration with upscale food importer Rondanini, the new range aims to cater for the growing demand for Greek cuisine that has been taking the UK by storm as of late, as noted by The Real Greek’s opening of two new restaurant this year alone.

Marcel Khan, chief executive at The Real Greek, said: “We’re excited to be able to bring restaurant-quality dishes to the aisles of Tesco supermarkets across the country.

“With the size of the new range, we’re giving shoppers a lot to choose from and making it ways for them to create memorable dining experiences that celebrate the rich flavours and traditions of Greece.

“The growth of Greek cuisine is only set to continue in the UK and we’re confident that this innovative new range will deliver the taste of the Aegean that consumers are looking for.”

Raffaella Capperllaro, commercial director of Rondanini, said: “We have really enjoyed collaborating with The Real Greek on their new retail range, re-creating the brand’s much-loved restaurant dishes for people to eat in their homes.

“We always look to source fresh and natural ingredients for all the ranges that we develop, and Greek cuisine easily lends itself to this ethos.”

The full range available in Tesco stores includes:

The Real Greek Pastitsio (RSP £5/350g pack)
The Real Greek Moussaka (RSP £5/350g pack)
The Real Greek Chicken with Feta & Olives (RSP £5/350g pack)
The Real Greek Meatballs with Orzo (RSP £5/350g pack)
The Real Greek Halloumi Skewers (RSP £7/225g pack)
The Real Greek Seasoned Fries (RSP £3.75/330g pack)
The Real Greek Spiced Lamb Kofta (RSP £7/300g pack)
The Real Greek Gyros Style Pork (RSP £7/350g pack)
The Real Greek Gyros Style Chicken (RSP £7/350g pack)
The Real Greek Giant Beans (RSP £3.35/210g pack)
The Real Greek Dolmades (RSP £3.35/210g pack)
The Real Greek Houmous (RSP £2.25/220g pack)
The Real Greek Tzatziki (RSP £2.25/200g pack)
The Real Greek Olives (RSP £3.35/150g pack)
The Real Greek Flatbreads (RSP £2.25/four pack of 80g flatbreads)