Allwyn launches safety first National Lottery operation

National Lottery operator focuses on player safety

The National Lottery operator Allwyn Entertainment has rolled out a new safety focussed initiative Operation Guardian to encourage responsible retailing practices.

THE National Lottery operator Allwyn Entertainment has rolled out a new safety-focussed operation to highlight retailers’ commitment to responsible retailing.

The launch of ‘Operation Guardian’ will see an expanded mystery shopper and knowledge check programme from Allwyn Entertainment to help support retailers and enable them to sell National Lottery products even more safely.

Operation Guardian will comprise of three different types of store visits from Allwyn: an Underage Play Mystery Shop, an Excessive Play Mystery Shop and a new Healthy Play Knowledge Check.

Together, the visits aim to support retailers by checking they have the right knowledge, tools and safeguards in place to prevent unsafe play from customers, says Allwyn.

The inclusion of the new Healthy Play Knowledge Check will also allow for National Lottery operators the chance to improve on their knowledge over responsible retailing topics such as:

• the legal age of play of 18+
• acceptable forms of ID
• how and when to refuse a sale
• identifying any potential signs of excessive play
• offering support to players
• understanding spend limits

These visits will also provide an opportunity to guide retailers to where they can find further information and training tools on the topics such as the new Retailer Training Centre.

Alex Green, director of channel operations at Allwyn Entertainment, said: “We’re really pleased to be launching an expanded store visit programme to further encourage retailers to sell National Lottery products to the really high standards we’ve come to expect from them.

“With the addition of a new Healthy Play Knowledge Check, we’ll be able to offer greater support to our retail partners and empower them all to be all-round responsible retailers.

“The expanded programme dovetails nicely with the new Retailer Training Centre that we launched earlier in the year, which features all the necessary training and information for retailers to view and complete so that they are fully prepared for Operation Guardian visits.”