Education ‘will help smokers to switch’

Vape brand IVG says it helps inform retailers and consumers

The flavour options for the IVG 2400 device are about to grow in convenience.
The flavour options for the IVG 2400 device are about to grow in convenience.

EDUCATING both consumers and retailers about nicotine alternatives to smoking is key to enabling adult tobacco consumers make the switch.

That’s the view of vaping device brand IVG, with sales director Anis Safri saying the firm stands ready to help the convenience channel.

He said: “While positive information can be found online regarding smoking alternatives, there is also a great deal of mixed messaging in the media, and even at primary healthcare level.

“The planned ban of disposables, retail licensing and nicotine taxation also create a negative image.

“In this respect, strong brand messaging, point of sale education, testimonials and research white papers will need to enlighten the public and the retail network.”

As such, Safri pointed out that IVG provided retailers with resources such as training materials, product guides and online seminars to educate themselves and their customers about alternative nicotine products.

For some of IVG’s larger national customers, the team attend trade days, exhibitions and will also run training for their in-store team leaders.

The sales director stressed that the IVG customer support team was readily available to address any queries. Safri said: “Retailers should prioritise providing customers with essential product knowledge that encourages the transition from smoking to the alternatives.

“The consumer needs to have confidence that there are health benefits, as well as cost, convenience and ease-of-use advantages to make the change less difficult.

“Information should include details on the options available on device functionality, nicotine strength options, flavour profiles, and proper usage instructions to ensure a positive user experience to foster brand loyalty.”

And to help retailers, following the success of the IVG 2400 “four flavours in one” device, the brand is launching 10 new “exciting” flavour groups that will be available to c-stores shortly.