Taylors Snacks celebrates first year

Perthshire crisps brand marks its first anniversary

James Taylor, MD at Taylors Snacks, stands holding packs of Taylors Snacks crisps against a green field.
Perthshire-based premium snacks brand Taylors Snacks is celebrating its first full year of business noting a strong year of trading in 2023.

PREMIUM crisps brand Taylors Snacks is celebrating its first anniversary after it officially launched in 2023 after rebranding from Mackie’s Crisps.

Formerly known as Mackie’s at Taypack, the firm announced it would be setting out on its own following the successful share buyout from ice cream maker Mackie’s of Scotland in 2022.

The firm then set out as Taylors Snacks in the following year, kicking off a year of success for the business which saw it become the third largest brand in the adult premium sharing crisps category with a worth of £2.7million in value sales in Scotland.

In fact, the brand saw such success during the most recent festive season that it reached the second largest, sitting directly behind the Walkers Sensations range.

Produced near the Taylors’ fourth-generation farm in Perthshire, the brand has been going from strength to strength across the UK as well on the larger global stage.

Not only is the Taylors range now stocked in stores including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Co-op, Lidl and Aldi, but it recently hit shelves in Canada as well as seen inclusion in Universal Yums UK snack boxes, which are shopped to customers around the world.

Marking the celebrations as well, members of the Taylors team took to the street to hand out some free samples of its crisps range, helping consumers to join in the party with them too.

James Taylor, managing director at Taylors Snacks, said: “Scotland has embraced Taylors as one of its new favourite snack brands, and we couldn’t be more delighted.

“We were mindful of the loyal following Mackie’s Crisps enjoyed and can’t think of another Scottish brand that has done quite the same before – keeping the product identical, but changing the name, brand and packaging.

“Our ambitions remain high, and we are determined to offer our ranges to consumers around the rest of the UK.

“As sales in Scotland have been so strong, we are confident there is demand for our product elsewhere, and we look forward to expanding our operations to allow us to meet this.”