Walker’s Nonsuch classics remain unchanged

Confectioner offers consumers reassurance

Walker's Nonsuch has catered to rising demands from its customers with its NPD.
Walker’s Nonsuch has catered to rising demands from its customers with its NPD.

WHEN prices continue to go up all around and bag sizes start to shrink, consumers will be eagerly looking to those brands that have stuck with their classic offerings.

One such sweet brand that has done so is Walker’s Nonsuch, which recently shouted out about its mission to avoid shrinkflation as part of its ‘Some Things Never Change’ campaign.

Alan Staniford, UK sales manager at Walker’s Nonsuch, said: “We recently ran a ‘Some Things Never Change’ campaign, which highlighted our 150g bags of toffees not reducing in size or weight since their launch many years ago, and is part of our mission to avoid shrinkflation.

“This is a claim that we are very proud to make and is an example of how our loyal customer base is at the front of our minds when we experience price increases.

“Retailers and customers alike can rest assured we will never compromise our quality or value and they can trust our brand to deliver for them in these areas.”

Such a campaign will hold the brand’s NPD launches in good stead as well, catering to its loyal customers with some additions to its hammer packs.

The new gift boxes include its Salted Caramel Toffees, Liquorice Toffees and Assorted Toffees and Chocolate Eclairs.

Staniford said: “We offer premium-quality toffee that is affordable and can be eaten on the go as everyday treats or purchased as a gift.

“Products like ours are bought on impulse, which is great news for c-stores.

“The c-store customer buys little and often, and our eye-catching packaging can grab their attention for a sweet purchase even if they had not planned to buy toffee.”

Factor in familiarity of sweets brands, says Mondelēz

Maynards Bassetts Jelly Babies are a classic staple.
Maynards Bassetts Jelly Babies are a classic confectionery staple.

SNACKS can offer consumers something to tide them over until the next meal but, at the same time, they also offer little moments of indulgence for plenty of shoppers.

And it’s those treat-yourself occasions that Mondelēz International is particularly keen to jump on with its range from Maynards Bassetts, including its vegan-suitable Fizzy Fish Jellies as well as the classic staple of Jelly Babies.

These well-known brands will be particularly important tools in a retailers’ repertoire as well, according to the snacks giant, as the familiarity will help to convince many shoppers to make a purchase for themselves.

Susan Nash, trade communications manager at Mondelēz International, said: “Consumers will continue to stay mindful of what they consume at the moment.

“Shoppers still enjoy taking the time to consider their snacks and, in challenging times, they are loyal to the brands they know and love, with our brands remaining well-placed for this.

“Moments of indulgence continue to be important, particularly for younger adult consumers, as a way of de-stressing, while many consumers associate snacks with connecting with others.

“Our research supports this, finding that the ‘special treat’ category in particular has seen strong growth of 15% from 2022 to 2023.”