World of Sweets rolls out new Warheads sweet

Novelty sour sweet rolls into the convenience trade

Pack shot of Warheads Sour Ooze Pops with a the Blue Raspberry flavour Pop sitting outside the box.
American sour candy brand Warheads has rolled out a novel, new product in its range with the launch of the Sour Ooze Pops, marking the start of the brand’s NPD plans for 2024.

AMERICAN sour candy brand Warheads has rolled out its latest novelty sweet with the new Warheads Sour Ooze Pops.

Available from the brand’s UK distributor World of Sweets, the latest launch kicks off a year of innovation for the Warheads brand with the new Sour Ooze Pops.

Coming in three super sour flavours including Strawberry, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple, the new novelty pops come with an RRP of £1.29 each.

Featuring a pop in the shape of the Warheads’ mascot Wally, consumers can push the product up from the bottom and watch his head ooze with a “super sour gel”.

These sour fruity flavours have been geared to appeal with younger consumers with each flavour tailored towards current Gen Z trends such as with the blue raspberry variant.

Helping to drive this further, World of Sweets says the Warheads brand boasts a range of products in the top selling theatre box format with further POS materials and merchandising solutions such as its branded shelf edge strip.

Chris Smith, partner brand manager at World of Sweets, said: “Warheads are such an incredible and innovative American candy brand that continuously brings us fun and exciting products.

“They are the leading sour candy brand in the USA which makes them a must stock for retailers who want to offer their customers something different without compromising on quality.

“Sour candy fans will absolutely love the new Sour Ooze Pops. They’re a fantastic novelty product that offers incredible value for money for such a massive American brand.

“We’re also thrilled to be able to offer our customers merchandising solutions to help them make the most out of these great products in their stores.

“Warheads have some great plans for 2024 with new products being released throughout the year and we’re really excited to be able to bring these to our customers.”