Vinut pops in stores with Popping Boba Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea trend comes in a can to convenience stores

Vinut is popping up into stores in association with MAP Trading Ltd as the firm is set to capitalise on the bubble tea trend with the launch of Popping Boba Bubble Tea.

MAP Trading Limited is set to capitalise on the consumer trend for bubble tea with the launch of its new Popping Boba Bubble Tea with Vinut to the convenience channel.

The new canned drink will offer consumers a greater variety in the bubble tea market with a take-home option, adding an extra level of convenience in the offer.

The new Popping Boba Bubble Tea drinks come in four different flavours – Strawberry, Lychee, Peach and Mango.

Each contain popping boba balls which are small bubbles filled with a sweet fruit liquid that are designed to burst in the mouth to provide an extra level of flavour on top of the drink.

Typically made with seaweed extract, the bursting boba pearls have found social media fame over the last few years as younger consumers find themselves attracted to the novelty of the drinks.

Now the novelty has been made more portable and more accessible with the launch of the new canned variants, saving consumers from travelling to Boba Bar shops specifically for the drink.

The new Popping Boba Bubble Tea drinks come in 320ml cans with an RRP of £1.99 per can. The drinks are available to order from Bestway, Batleys and other distributors.

Gurmail Singh Lal, head of sales for MAP Trading Ltd, said: “We are so excited to be kicking off 2024 with Popping Boba Bubble Tea. This product is a game changer as it was only available fresh from specialist stores, but now will also be widely available in the convenience sector for our customers.

“Bubble Tea would have a great appeal to consumers over soft and energy drinks. As the first Popping Boba Bubble Tea in the UK to have a combination of Tea, Juice and Boba in a can, we have a clear point of difference.

“Our tasty, easy drinking Bubble Tea comes at an accessible price point – which is crucial for customers today.”