Graham’s builds on the protein offer

Scottish dairy firm strengthens its protein yoghurt range

Graham’s The Family Dairy is out to help ‘on-the-go’ consumers make the most of their workouts with the launch of its new Protein 25 yoghurt drinks.

SCOTTISH family dairy firm Graham’s The Family Dairy has grown its protein offer with the launch of a new protein yoghurt drink.

Designed to capitalise on the demand from on-the-go shoppers, the new Graham’s Protein 25 drinks come in four flavours including Strawberry, Peach, Vanilla and Salted Caramel in a bid to offer consumers an easier protein fix with their workouts.

Each 330ml serving contains 25g of protein, exceeding the 20g minimum per meal required for muscle recovery following a gym trip.

In addition to this, the drinks contain live bacteria which will help to improve gut health.

The new products have hit supermarket shelves across Scotland already with a further presence in more than 100 Scotmid stores across the country.

The expansion to the firm’s protein range follows on from the launch of its Protein 22 pots and pouches, which came to market towards the tail end of 2023.

Robert Graham, managing director at Graham’s The Family Dairy, said: “Protein 25 Drinks are the latest addition to our popular high-protein range, offering a handy, natural protein source in a great tasting drink.

“Our recent work with Loughborough University showed that people who exercise often don’t know when, how and why they should consume protein.

“That’s why we have expanded our protein range to make it easier for busy people whether they love yoga, going to the gym or running to get their high protein boost to make the most of any workout and help to recover.

“Many people don’t know that for optimal muscle recovery post-exercise, consuming about 20 grams of protein within 30 minutes is key.

“Our high-protein drink fills this need, providing easy consumption on-the-go for those looking to make the most of their workout knowing exactly what level of protein they are consuming with the natural goodness of dairy for a fat-free, high-protein flavourful drink.”