IVG aims to offer vape debate solution

Brand claims its IVG2400 device answers concerns

The IVG2400 offers consumers four flavour pods per device at a better-for-value price, says its maker.
The IVG2400 offers consumers four flavour pods per device at a better-for-value price, says its maker.

CUTTING back on the amount of waste should be the solution, not cutting out.

That’s the opinion of vaping device brand IVG, which believes its IVG2400 devices could be the answer to many concerns that the public have around disposable vapes.

While ultimately still a disposable vape, IVG has argued its 2400 device will help to cut down on waste with its innovative four-in-one pods system, providing customers with four vape tanks in the one device.

This means when consumers finish with one tank, they won’t be disposing of the full device and instead, switch to another flavour loaded in the device.

The IVG2400 offers consumers four 600 puff pods in the device, giving it the ability for 2400 puffs per device.

And as only one pod can be used at a time, the devices still fall under official restrictions.

Further to this, consumers can easily switch between the pods in the vape at any time by twisting the top of the device with handy number markings along the side of this to indicate which 2ml pod is currently being used.

This will help provide a greater variety in flavours for consumers as well, with the brand’s 4-in-1 multi-flavour bar such as its Mint Edition ,which includes Snow Mint, Spearmint, Classic Menthol and Strawberry Mint all in the one device, or its Exotic Edition, which is made up of Vanilla, Peach Mango Ice, Strawberry Banana Coconut and Pineapple Ice.

On top of all this, IVG has claimed its devices won’t appeal to minors due to its higher price per product, sitting at £12.99 each.

While out-pricing the pocket money funds, this should still appeal to adult vapers, who are getting four disposable vapes at a cheaper price than buying them separately.

A spokesperson for IVG said: “This cutting-edge design offers responsible solutions to current issues in that the consumer will only be using one battery, not four, plastic is reduced overall, and the technology and flavours within the device offer a supreme vaping experience, making it easy for adults to transition from smoking to vaping.”