Love Drinks brings Kiyomi Rum to UK

Distributor aims to catch two trends with white rum

A bottle of Kiyomi Rum stands in front of a Japanese flag blowing in the wind which has been planted into the grassy ground all of which overlooks a beach from atop a cliff.
Love Drinks aims to capitalise on the demand for Asian drinks and rum with the launch of Kiyomi Rum to the UK market.

GLOBAL drinks distributor Love Drinks has delivered another Japanese delicacy to UK shores with the launch of the white rum Kiyomi Rum.

Produced in one of Japan’s oldest distilleries – the Helios Distillery – Kiyomi Rum comes in a unique 700ml glass bottle with an RRP of £54.29 each, offering a premium end option for the rum curious consumers.

Helios Distillery is found in the most southerly region of Japan in Okinawa which has a unique subtropical climate according to Love Drinks allowing for the production of some especially distinctive sugar cane.

Picture of Kiyomi Rum bottle.
The Kiyomi Rum bottle offers a unique, eye-catching design for shelves.

The distillery produces the Kiyomi white rum using only sugar cane molasses which undergoes a fermentation process of 30 days before being distilled in a copper pot still.

Reflecting the unique bottle as well as the liquid found inside, Kiyomi translates to ‘pure beauty’ in English. Love Drinks describes the flavour as an “aromatic explosion” with notes of truffle, banana flambé and other tropical fruits.

Already proven specialists in the Japanese drinks area, Love Drinks has already brought the likes of the Kurayoshi whisky brand, Etsu Gin and the ‘La’ liqueur trio to the UK alongside Samurai Sake and Honkaku Shochu, highlighting the breadth of Japanese drinks available to consumers.

Love Drinks is now set to capitalise on the growing trend for both Asian drinks as well as a rising popularity for rum in the off-trade with its latest addition to the UK marketplace.

Samantha Burke, managing director at Love Drinks, said: “Our selection of golden and dark rums has continued to claw in new consumers and with the buzz for Asian drinks increasing, we’re excited to welcome this high-class white rum to our portfolio.

“The Kiyomi brand is steeped in heritage, offers real provenance and oozes quality.”