Jack & Coke Zero refresh unveiled

Coca-Cola rolls out new look Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar cans

Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel's and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar pack shots.
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners has rolled out its new look for Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola Zero helping to differentiate between the full sugar and zero sugar variants.

COCA-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) has revealed the new packaging design for Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar alcohol ready-to-drink (ARTD) cans.

The soft drinks giant said the move comes to help consumers to more easily identify which variant is the zero-sugar option as well as to encourage more shoppers to choose the Coca-Cola Zero drink.

Rolling out from this month, the new cans feature a bright red collar around the top of the can which CCEP said will improve stand out on shelf. This has also been replicated on the shelf-ready packaging trays as well with a bolder red stripe and ‘Zero Sugar’ callout.

Standing next to drink’s full-sugar counterpart, which remains unchanged in its design, CCEP said it will now be far easier for shoppers to determine which is which at a glance to help them choose the product they want to enjoy.

Elaine Maher, associate director for commercial development at CCEP GB, said: “Providing choice is a key part of our growth strategy, and with this packaging update, we’re making that choice much clearer to shoppers.

“Given that two-thirds of what we sell in GB from a soft drinks perspective is now low or no sugar, we know it makes sense to offer the same choice within our ARTD portfolio.”

Paul London, ARTD director at The Coca-Cola Company, said: “Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola was our first successful alcohol ready-to-drink last year, and we hope the recent addition of the red collar on Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar cans will help consumers choose the right beverage for them at shelf.

“We’re pleased to see the Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola ARTD brand go from strength to strength as we move into its second year being on the market.”