IQOS Iluma ‘is future of tobacco now’

Philip Morris Limited push the ‘heat not burn’ option

The IQOS Iluma, from Philip Morris Limited, is available in a range of colours and devices.
The IQOS Iluma, from Philip Morris Limited, is available in a range of colours and devices.

RECENT years have seen a decline in popularity for more traditional nicotine options across the board.

While many have been turning to vape options as a substitute to the usual cigarettes or roll-your-own options, there could be some scope to look even further down the pipeline to the next generation products.

That’s what Philip Morris Limited (PML) is banking on in the category as the firm remains keen to drive up the heat-not-burn segment with its IQOS Iluma range.

And with the current debates across the vaping subcategory, this could be the chance for the heat-not-burn range to shine with consumers.

Duncan Cunningham, external affairs director at PML, said: “While use of smoke-free products has increased, the progress of some products in helping smokers to transition away from cigarettes for good has stalled.

“Though vaping has made some headway into helping legal age smokers to move away from cigarettes, the data shows that it isn’t completely effective; between a third and half of all vapers in the UK are still dual-using with combustible tobacco products.

“Further to this, while 83% of current adult smokers in the UK have tried vaping, more than four in 10 have returned to smoking cigarettes.”

It is therefore important to remind consumers of their options within the nicotine category, ensuring the needs of smokers are met when vape products do not appeal as greatly as other options in the market.

This is how IQOS Iluma can come into play, according to PML, which reckons the device offers the opportunity to not only drive sales for the nicotine category but also help consumers to move beyond the traditional smoking options such as factory-made cigarettes or the roll-your-own segment.

Cunningham said: “As a product, Iluma is phenomenal. When we describe it as the ‘next level’, that’s because it truly is; the bladeless innovation at its core delivers an impeccable product experience, providing the user with an enhanced draw and a real tobacco taste.

“There are three devices in the IQOS Iluma range: Iluma Prime, IQOS Iluma and Iluma One – each device featuring our new bladeless induction technology, which heats the tobacco within the stick instead of burning it.

“With no blade, there’s no tobacco residue left behind or inside the holder, meaning less smell and absolutely no need to clean the device, something which we were keen to improve on following consumers feedback on the previous generation.”