Scottish flavours popular with shoppers

Drive up demand for national favourites with Burns Night

Grant’s Foods reckons its range will suit different consumers’ Burns Night plans.
Grant’s Foods reckons its range will suit different consumers’ Burns Night plans.

THE consumer appetite for authentic Scottish food remains insatiable for many across the country.

This spells good news for Burns Night, as there will be plenty of national staples for consumers to indulge in.

Ranging from the full Burns Supper of haggis, neeps and tatties, a sweet golden nugget of tablet or a dram of whisky to cap the night off, retailers will have their work cut out for them to make sure plenty of Scots can get these delights on the table come the night.

Grant’s Foods reckons it’s well prepared to meet this demand from consumers, with a range of tinned haggis options that will see consumers through to the national poet’s night and beyond.

A spokesperson for Grant’s Foods said: “At the core of this celebration is the full Burns Supper, and the leading charge is the iconic haggis, the heartbeat of every Burns Night festivity. As tastes evolve with the times, retailers must stay attuned to emerging trends. New flavours, alternative formats and meat-free options are gaining popularity.

“The modern celebrant craves variety, making a diverse range a key factor in elevating a retailer’s Burns Night offerings.”

Grant’s has also pointed out its 392g Canned Haggis variant should make the ideal size for couples celebrating the evening together, as the brand said it serves two.

And Grant’s is out to truly kick off these celebrations complete with a new look as its Canned Haggis tins have undergone a transformation. The brand said the redesign is “sleeker”, with more modern packaging.

The spokesperson added: “The new look is unmistakably Grant’s but distinctly embodies the premium essence of our brand.

“Grant’s Foods invites you to experience the timeless classic, now presented in a package as refined as the product within.

“Get ready to savour Burns Night with Grant’s – where transformation meets modern sophistication.”