Taylors Snacks fits crisps to the month

Scottish brand helps build excitement throughout January

Greg Smith, head of marketing at Taylors Snacks, stands in front of Edinburgh Castle with taxis surrounding him wrapped in different colours to advertise different variants of Taylors Snacks crisps.
Taylors aims to build up its presence with consumers across the whole of January.

SINCE the end of pandemic, there has been a notable shift towards going all out on occasions when they come around, and this is no different for Burns Night.

After two years of missed celebrations, consumers are keen to make the most going forward, which means ample opportunity to drive up some seasonal options in January.

As such, Taylors Snacks aims to make the most of this year with its Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper crisps to help drive up excitement.

Greg Smith, head of marketing at Taylors Snacks, said: “Since the dreaded pandemic, we’ve noticed a positive shift in behaviour when it comes to occasions like Burns.

“People are spending more time celebrating these special events at home; which is a golden opportunity for retailers to provide them with accompanying snacks and treats for the ‘perfect night in’.

“This year, Taylors’ world famous Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper crisps are back with a bang.

“With big sharing bags and wee single serve options, our thick-cut, vegan-friendly Haggis crisps provide a perfect way to ‘big up’ any Burns Night festivities.

“They’re a great way to add value to any retail fixture or event around this date.”

Taylors Snacks offers its retail partners display units for its crisps, helping to draw attention to the brand across the store and can be tailored to fit the store’s size.

And for those shoppers that still have some room following the evening’s meal, Taylors said its range can provide the perfect pairing for whiskies.

Smith said: “Retailers could consider ‘partner positioning’ when it comes to whisky. Traditional accompaniments have usually been cheese, chocolate – sometimes nuts. We’d encourage people to take a leap into the world of whisky and crisps.

“We’ve found that Taylors Haggis crisps go particularly well with Highland malts like Dalwhinnie, Aberfeldy or The Ardmore; the savoury crunch of our crisps balances perfectly with the honey-sweetness of these excellent single malts.”