Mills Milk has a smooth solution in dairy delivery

Dairy firm shows why not to cry over spilt milk

A man stands among plastic crates with milk cartons in them.
Mills Milk allows retailers flexibility over placing their orders and delivery times.

DAIRY deliveries bring a host of challenges for retailers and ensuring your milk meets the expectations of consumers is no simple task.

Building up a line that includes whole, skimmed or semi-skimmed options takes up plenty of room on shelf.

But adding in factors such as regular deliveries that can often be daily and the demand for a long date means retailers need to stay on top of their milk range in the chiller.

Fortunately, Mills Milk reckons it is up to the task to support retailers with their dairy needs.

Adam Mills, director at Mills Milk, said: “Dairy suppliers face a much greater task than the majority of other product suppliers do.

“We have to deliver to our customers almost every day of the year and ensure every delivery is smooth and correct.

“The goodwill we build up over the years of impeccable service can be undone by one bad experience: be it a milkman, office staff member or sales person.

“We must always be aware that the latest, most recent experience our customer has had with us is the one they remember.”

It is with this in mind that Mills Milk has urged more store owners to sign up to the family business.

It has a fleet of over 70 vehicles that supply fresh milk and dairy produce to stores, and eventually homes, across Ayrshire, Glasgow, Inverness and Edinburgh.

The firm’s office team is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday for retailers or for those current customers that are looking to resolve any issues from deliveries.

Mills said: “We are a small,  efficient, family run business who cares about our customers.

“We have a great team, who ensure that every experience a customer has with someone from Mills Milk – be it a phone call to the office, a meeting with delivery driver or visit from one of the sales team – that experience is always a pleasant one.

“An important thing to remember in the milk business is that if a customer has a problem today, it needs to be resolved today.

“We can supply you with superior quality milk, deliver more frequently and at a time that best suits you and can guarantee our prices are more competitive.

“We also give you the option to place or change your order right up until 10pm the evening prior to delivery, ensuring you don’t have to worry about overstock.”