Good agreement for Bon Accord

Scottish soft drinks brand signs supermarket deal

Nathan Burrough, director of Bon Accord Soft Drinks, and Karen Knowles, managing director of Bon Accord Soft Drinks, sit on a couch next to each other with three bottles of Bon Accord soft drink variants on the table in front of them.
Bon Accord Soft Drinks signs a new deal with Sainsbury’s which will see three of the firm’s drinks in stores across Scotland.

NATURAL soft drinks brand Bon Accord Soft Drinks has signed a new deal with Sainsbury’s that will see its range in stores across the country.

The firm’s naturally sweetened range of 750ml soft drinks is available for purchase in 22 Sainsbury’s stores across Scotland including in cities Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Stirling as well as in areas such as Livingston, Fife and Ayrshire.

Karen Knowles, managing director of Bon Accord Soft Drinks, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Sainsbury’s and are over the moon to announce that our one hundred percent naturally sweetened drinks will be available to even more people across Scotland thanks to this partnership.”

The Sainsbury’s Bon Accord range will consist of 750ml sharing bottles of its Rhubarb Soda, Cloudy Lemonade and Ginger Beer variants.

Further to this, the soft drinks all fall under Government restrictions on HFSS products south of the border, allowing them to come under promotions in store and increasingly desirable to retailers, says Bon Accord.

A bottle of Bon Accord Rhubarb Soda lies on its side next to a Sainsbury's branded bag and sticks of rhubarb above it against a violet coloured background.
Three variants of Bon Accord’s soft drinks can be found in Sainsbury’s stores now.

The range comes from 100% natural ingredients and made with 100% recyclable glass bottles as well which makes this the perfect choice for both health and eco-conscious consumers, according to Bon Accord.

Knowles said: “Our new range of naturally sweetened soft drinks is perfect for anyone looking for a healthier take on a classic drink.

“We are proud to offer consumers a better-for-you option that is not only naturally delicious but more accessible now than ever.

“Existing Bon Accord drinks fans will know that each flavour is carefully crafted to every pallet, delivering a memorable moment with each sip.

“However, in keeping with the latest consumer trends and customer feedback, we’ve recently revamped our recipes, meaning Bon Accord drinks are now high-fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) compliant. Our customers asked, and we listened!

“Our iconic soft drinks just got so much better with the already naturally sweetened drinks now having an even lower sugar content.”