Top 20 FMCG brands in Scotland 2023

Kantar research reveals the FMCGs (fast moving consumer goods) that are most frequently chosen by the nation’s consumers.

Check out the top 20…Scotland top 20 FMCG 2023

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1. Warburtons

DOUGH rises to the top as Warburtons takes the number one spot in the fast moving consumer goods ranking for Scotland. The Warburtons selection covers a range of different consumer needs and demands with a variation of breakfast items, bagels and bread.

2. Coca-Cola

BUBBLING into second place is Coca-Cola – a firm favourite for Scottish consumers’ soft drinks needs. First established in the US back in 1886, Coca-Cola has come a long way since the brand first unveiled that iconic bottle shape that consumers still look to today.

3. Heinz

WHETHER it comes on top of a burger or next to some chips, its hard to ignore the impact Heinz has had on our tables now for over 150 years. While the brand may have started out with grated horseradish in 1869, it quickly evolved into the condiments game and brought the iconic Tomato Ketchup to US store shelves in 1876.

4. McVitie’s

MARKING the first brand on this list with its roots in Scotland, McVitie’s stands as a must-have in stores – as well as with tea. McVitie’s is known best for its Digestives range, in particular the Chocolate Digestive, but this remains far from the only familiar name under the McVitie’s label.


A BOY pushing a bike up a hill has stuck with consumers just as much as their love for the Hovis brand all these years, as the baked goods brand sits in the top five for Scotland’s FMCGs.

Starting out in 1886, the brand has come on leaps and bounds in this time and especially since Ridley Scott first got behind the camera for them.

A mainstay in the bakery section across the UK’s shops, Hovis sports a wide range of options to suit all consumer needs, including a selection of breakfast items and a variety of loaves in white, wholemeal and Best of Both options.

Further to this, the brand also has a more premium Bakers Since 1886 range, paying homage to the brand’s roots with a selection designed to bring an extra special touch to meal times and to help consumers bring more to the table throughout the day.


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6. Walkers

BRINGING in a crunch to the top 10, Walkers Crisps remains a popular addition for Scottish consumers to snack on across the day. Whether they accompany a meal deal offer or sit in a packed lunch made up first thing in the morning, Walkers Crisps continue to move quickly through stores and into shopper’s baskets.

7. Cadbury Dairy Milk

STARTING with a glass and a half of milk in a grocery store in Birmingham can go further than you might initially expect! Now a globally recognised brand, Cadbury Dairy Milk continues to remain a popular addition to store shelves as well as the must-have for Scottish consumers’ chocolate needs.

8. Cadbury

CADBURY chocolate still remains a key addition to consumers’ shopping baskets in Scotland. The latest innovations from the brand have included the introduction of its Caramilk product from Australia over to the UK, including a new bar as well as an addition to its Buttons line.

9. Irn-Bru

SCOTTISH consumers just can’t be separated from their Bru as Barr’s Irn-Bru makes its way into the top 10. While Scots can’t seem to agree on how to describe its flavour, it’s clear to see that it’s a flavour that still works. As well as the original full-sugar option Irn Bru, the brand also includes Diet Irn-Bru and the more recent Irn-Bru Xtra.

10. Graham’s

FROM one family to countless families across Scotland, Graham’s dairy range remains a must-have in consumers’ fridges across the country. Now entering into its fifth generation of farmers working for the brand, Graham’s first got its start in 1939 with Robert Graham Senior as a dairy farm in Bridge of Allan.

11. Birds Eye

FROM frozen peas to fish finger sandwiches, Birds Eye remains a staple in the freezer for plenty of Scottish consumers. Offering a range of frozen fish, vegetables, chicken as well as plant-based options now, the firm appeals to a host of consumer demands across meal times.

12. Muller

FROM Bavaria to the UK, Muller first got its start in 1971 when Theobald Alfons Muller took over the running of his father’s dairy farm. Then, 16 years later, the brand entered the UK market for the very first time and has since rapidly expanded and provided plenty of Scottish consumers with choice across the dairy options from the chillers.

13. McCainTop FMCG in Scotland - 2023 - Kantar

WHETHER boiled, mashed or stuck in the oven for 20 minutes until golden, Scottish consumers love their totties and clearly choose McCain when it comes to some frozen options.

Offering a vast array of frozen potato products in its portfolio, including 10 different varieties of chips, more than 12 fries options and the children’s classic Potato Smilies, McCain has a range that wouldn’t go amiss on plenty of Scottish consumers’ plates.

The firm has been shouting out about its sustainability practices lately, including its latest campaign ‘Let’s All Chip In’ which aims to inform consumers, particularly younger Gen Z and millennials, about the brand’s work towards regenerative agriculture across its potato farms, protecting the planet and keeping its range viable for the future.


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THICKLY spread over a piece or dropped into the frying pan to bring some extra flavour, butter is an absolute cupboard must for Scottish consumers.

And when it comes to what brand to pick, Scottish shoppers seem to gravitate towards Lurpak’s variety of options here including salted and unsalted options.
Made for more than 100 years now, Lurpak’s recipe uses approximately 20kg of Danish milk for every 1kg of butter, with the cream allowed to ripen before it’s churned into that golden block consumers seemingly just can’t resist.

The firm’s latest campaign, ‘When in doubt just cook’ highlights the variety of ways consumers make use of their blocks of butter, whether that be for baking, cooking, spreading or roasting – or in perhaps the case for some Scottish grannies, just eaten by the spoon.

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15. KitKat

TELLING consumers to take a break since the 1950s has clearly worked for Nestle KitKat as the brand finds itself at 15 on this list. Offering its range of four-finger or two-finger bars, as well as its Chunky bars, KitKat boasts a plethora of flavours and varieties.

16. Pepsi

KEEPING the top 20 bubbly, Pepsi falls into number 16 of Scotland’s top FMCG brands.
Spanning a host of cola options for consumers to choose from, including Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and the ever popular Pepsi Max, the brand is a stalwart favourite with Scots, remaining a staple in cupboards and fridges across the country.

17. Nescafé

SOME consumers can’t face the day without a strong cup of coffee first thing and it would seem that Nescafé is the choice of the Scots. Marking the only coffee brand in Kantar’s top 20 list, Nescafé seems to be the choice for consumers. As well as its Original Coffee range, Nescafé also boasts two premium-end variants with Nescafé Gold and Nescafé Azera.

18. Batchelors

QUICK and easy solutions are the way to go with Scottish consumers, as Batchelors goes to show with its top 20 listing. Beginning the brand in 1895 in Sheffield, the firm went on to create its famous dried soups in 1949 and went on to introduce the iconic Cup a Soup products in 1972.

19. Jacob’s

OFFERING sweet and savoury biscuit options in spades, Irish brand Jacob’s is sure to be the choice for plenty of consumers across the year. Whether you’re looking for the Irish staple Kimberley biscuits or aiming to plant some Cream Crackers next to that cheese platter at Christmas, Jacob’s has consumers covered.

20. Tunnock’s20 of the top FMCG - Kantar

COMING to the end of the countdown, we have yet another Scottish brand making the bill with Tunnock’s.

With a biscuit range that every Scottish consumer out there knows, Tunnock’s has been a mainstay in Scottish houses for over a century now.

First getting its start under Queen Victoria’s reign in 1890, the brand offers a range of sweet biscuit options that Scottish consumers have been flocking to for years. Including the iconic Teacakes, Caramel Wafers and Snowballs, the brand has expanded to introduce the likes of its Caramel Log and Wafer Cream.

A spokesperson for Tunnock’s said: “Tunnock’s has a worldwide reputation for quality chocolate biscuits. Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers, Tunnock’s Tea Cakes, Tunnock’s Caramel Logs, Tunnock’s Snowballs and Tunnock’s Wafer Creams are all regarded as the best of their kind.”

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Read more, including an overview from Kantar’s Lesley Ann Gray, in our September issue of Scottish Grocer.

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