Jisp unveils wholesale rewards platform

Scan & Save firm creates loyalty app for retailers

Jisp's new wholesale loyalty solution works just like the Scan & Save app.
Jisp’s new wholesale loyalty solution works just like the Scan & Save app.

JISP, the award-winning technology solutions company behind the successful Scan & Save system, has launched what it says is an industry-first wholesale loyalty and rewards platform.

The new offering is based on Jisp’s Scan & Save mobile app for retailers and shoppers but has been re-engineered to be applied in a wholesale or cash & carry setting.

Instead of consumers scanning a barcode to activate a discount voucher and build loyalty rewards, a retailer would scan the wholesaler’s product case code to achieve the same outcome.

Jisp says the new application is set to revolutionise the wholesale landscape, providing wholesalers the opportunity to retain more of their customers’ spend by allowing them to access promotions and loyalty rewards through the app-based solution. 

It also allows brands a smart digital route for promotions to retailers.

Managing director Ilann Hepworth said: “Following the huge success of Scan & Save, we had been hearing from wholesalers across the globe about the need for a wholesale loyalty solution similar to our retail solution.

“Given the interest, we have created a version of the technology that works in a wholesaler-to-retailer environment and, much like our retail version, benefits all parties.

“Wholesalers receive a promotion and loyalty platform that drives footfall, sales and repeat visits.

“Retailers are rewarded with exclusive deals and loyalty rewards, and brands increase their opportunity to promote direct to retailers while gaining greater insights into how their product is moving.”

The new wholesale loyalty platform gives retailers a reason to visit cash & carries more regularly to redeem rewards, win prizes and receive deals on products from big brands, claims Jisp. 

Evidence from Jisp’s retail-facing platform shows how the unique technology not only attracts new customers, but also encourages repeat visits of existing customers, while increasing revenue and commission. 

The new offering looks to encourage the same behaviour in the wholesaler-to-retailer environment. 

Companies taking up the new wholesale version of Scan & Save will also be supported by Jisp’s brand partners and provided with the means to run sustainable and compliant processes.

Scan & Save delivers over £2.5million in sales

More and more shoppers are using Jisp's Scan & Save app.
More and more shoppers are using Jisp’s Scan & Save app.

JISP says retail sales through its Scan & Save mobile app solution have broken the £2.5million mark since launch in September 2021 – with £1.8million of revenue achieved in 2023 alone. 

Shopper savings through the app have also topped £1million, with almost £500,000 of that attributed to this year.

Total scans of the app’s AR vouchers have exceeded two million, with a million of those coming in 2023, showing rising use of the Jisp service. 

Earlier this year, Jisp revealed the volume of discounts used via the app had jumped 600% in the first quarter compared to the same period last year. 

This trend in shopper engagement has continued, with week-on-week data showing an 82% uplift in downloads of the app for week starting 7 August compared to the previous week, and a 69% increase in new users.

Scans were also up 53% for the same week, while the number of repeat redeemers rose 45%, demonstrating Scan & Save’s success in building customer loyalty for stores.

Jisp boss Ilann Hepworth said: “The cost-of-living crisis is driving even greater interaction with platforms and solutions offering value propositions.”