Edinburgh Gin with Izzard on the Fringe

Edinburgh Gin launches new collaboration with Eddie Izzard for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A bottle of the new collaborative gin from Edinburgh Gin and Suzy Eddie Izzard sits next to two Edinburgh Gin marked glasses filled with a gin and tonic. All of this sits on a wooden circular table with a blue wall in the background.
The latest launch in the Edinburgh Gin Presents initiative has worked with actor and comedian Suzy Eddie Izzard.

EDINBURGH Gin has launched the latest collaborative gin in its Edinburgh Gin Initiative with comedian and actor Suzy Eddie Izzard.

The new limited edition bottle and liquid is available for purchase from the distiller’s website for £35 with every penny of profit made from the launch set to be donated to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

This marks the second collaborative bottle from Edinburgh Gin that ties in with the Fringe, the first being with Phoebe Waller Bridge in 2021 when the Edinburgh Gin Presents initiative was first launched.

A limited run of only 2,400 bottles are available for the launch with Izzard working directly with Edinburgh Gin to develop the new launch, down to the botanicals included.

Izzard said she incorporated additional botanicals to spell out the word ‘Believe’ which she said is a “sentimental guiding” word for her. To spell this out, the release includes Bladderwrack seaweed, Elderflower, Lemon myrtle, Inca Berries, Echinacea, Verbena and Elderberries with the first letter in each word spelling out ‘Believe’.

Speaking on the new launch, Izzard said: “I was very happy to be asked to work on a new distinct recipe and limited-edition bottle of Edinburgh Gin as I am a patron of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – the largest arts festival in the world – and because the profits from the sales are going to help new generations of acts starting their careers there.

“As someone who performed from 1981 in 12 Festival Fringe shows over 13 years, I have a strong connection with the great historical city of Edinburgh.

“The seven letters of BELIEVE each represent a different botanical that has gone into the creation of the new and limited-edition recipe.

“This means a lot to me as I have performed in different languages, acted in a lot of films and run multiple marathons despite many setbacks, but I know anything is possible if you believe.”

Karen Crowley, brand director at Edinburgh Gin, said: “After a brilliant collaboration with Phoebe Waller-Bridge in 2021, we are so pleased to bring to life another wonderful partnership with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, this time with the inimitable Eddie Izzard.

It has been inspiring to work with Eddie and hear all her wonderful stories during the development of this exciting new gin.

“We have worked together closely to make sure this is a design and recipe we are all really proud of. We’re delighted to be able to offer the profits of the bottle to the next generation of talent, and continue giving a helping hand to the future Eddie Izzards of the world.”