Flower Farm is spreading the word

A mission to help save the planet’s rainforests

The Flower Farm Spread without Palm Oil pack shot against a white background
The Flower Farm is on a new mission to highlight the impact that harvesting palm oil has on the planet.

PALM oil-free spread The Flower Farm is on a mission to help save the rainforest.

After securing a new listing in Sainsbury’s supermarkets, the 100% plant-based spread is out to combat deforestation by highlighting the damage caused from harvesting palm oil.

The Flower Farm said that, unlike traditional margarines that contain up to 50% palm oil, the firm’s spread is made using shea butter, which is harvested from the nuts of the Karité tree without requiring it to be chopped down.

As a result, the Flower Farm said it has managed to save approximately 560,000kg of palm oil from being used.

The firm is set to highlight the damages caused by harvesting palm oil across its packaging, with the spread inside completely free from gluten, lactose and cow’s milk protein.

Marcel van Wing, founder of The Flower Farm, said: “The rainforest is the basis of everything global nature needs. If we want to preserve the planet for future generations, we have to act now.

“For consumers, using palm oil-free products is a small step, but it’s a good place to start.

“We are delighted to have Sainsbury’s endorsement as we seek to grow the presence of our palm oil-free spread across the UK retail landscape, while raising awareness of the role that palm oil production plays in the destruction of the world’s most biodiverse rainforests.”