Belhaven is pairing up for the big night in

Belhaven talks up the importance of food and drink pairings for a night in

Four of Belhaven's range of beers in bottles: Belhaven Scottish Oat Stout, Belhaven Scottish Ale, Belhaven Craft Pilsner and Belhaven 90/Wee Heavy
Make the night in a special one with the right pairing in food and drink.

A BIG night in can bring the opportunity to be a bit more ambitious with the choices we have for dinner.

Consumers looking to bring that restaurant feeling to their own homes can use the opportunity to be more adventurous with their food and there’s no reason why this can’t apply to drink, too.

That’s what Belhaven Brewery is banking on as Steven Sturgeon, marketing controller at Belhaven, believes the Dunbar brewer’s selection of beers are the perfect pairing for the best that Scottish food has to offer.

He said: “Trends for discovery and inspiration continue unabated, which means the big night in may well be associated with food.

“We are emphasising the appeal of Belhaven premium beers as super companions to Scotland’s amazing food larder.”

These food pairings have resulted with Belhaven teaming up with Archerfield House resort to deliver a combination that celebrates both Scottish food and drink.

And Belhaven has pushed for retailers to create this through link-up sales with pairing between the brewer’s beers and local Scottish food.

Sturgeon said: “These classic Scottish beers are gaining recognition at a global level for their quality; they are quintessentially Scottish classics.

“So, we are encouraging people to think again with some amazing food pairings. The only limit is our imaginations.”