Manchester Drinks brings an exclusive frozen treat to the Scottish market

Flavours for the summer sun

New Slush Puppie Iron Brew frozen drink pouch and served in a glass
Manchester Drinks has launched a new Iron Brew flavoured Slush Puppie frozen drink exclusive for the Scottish market.

MANCHESTER Drinks is banking on the summer weather with its latest releases in its Slush Puppie Frozen Pouches brand.

Two new flavours join the line-up – Mango and the exclusive-to-Scotland Iron Brew flavour – as the firm said it looks to bring some classic flavours to consumers in a new format.

Richard Benjamin, founder of Manchester Drinks, said: “We’ve been seeing strong sales in our Slush Puppie frozen pouches, especially during spring and summer months, due to affordable price, convenience of the resealable pouch and a nostalgic taste of childhood.

“We’re pleased to announce that we’re currently launching two exciting new flavours to our Slush Puppie pouches range: Iron Brew flavour, which is available in Scotland only, as well as a much-loved Mango flavour.”

Benjamin reckons these new additions will be crowd-pleasers across Scotland as Manchester Drinks said it is banking on key flavour trends for the summer ahead.

Slush Puppie Mango frozen drink with glass serve and mangoes
Manchester Drinks reckons its new Mango variant will prove popular this summer

Benjamin said: “In the upcoming summer months, the key trends are expected to be refreshing, tropical flavours.

“However, the classic and well-loved flavour trends such as berries, sour cherry, lemon and lime are not to be ignored. They have continued to be popular with consumers for many years, and are equally appealing to soft drinks fans of all ages.

“As the majority of consumers are reducing their spending to pay their bills, we want to give them delicious products at affordable prices and, ultimately, position our products as great value for money. By ensuring affordable prices, consumers have an enhanced feeling of trust, relief and brand loyalty, which proves particularly valuable during tough economic times.”