Belhaven celebrates the very best in what Scotland has to offer

Building up support for local brews as Scottish brands matter to the nation’s consumers

Belhaven Scottish Ale served alongside pork belly and langoustine from Archerfield House
Belhaven is banking on Scottish food and drink pairing to help drive retailer sales.

CELEBRATING what’s right on your doorstep is important for Scottish consumers.

Provenance of a brand has become more of an important trend since the pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down now, making Scottish brands exceedingly important.

Steven Sturgeon, marketing controller at Belhaven, reckons this will help to further sales in store through a recognisable Scottish brand such as Belhaven.

He said: “Data shows us that Scottish consumers see the importance in sourcing locally and supporting Scottish businesses, with 72% of Scots agreeing it helps when buying products produced in Scotland.

“As Scotland’s oldest working brewing, Belhaven continues to celebrate Scottish beer and recently secured the brewing of Caledonian beers, including Deuchars IPA and Maltsmiths, with the purpose of ensuring that consumers still have their traditional Scottish beers in the market and more importantly are still brewed locally.”

And with provenance an important part for the Belhaven brand, the brewery has been making strides to ensure it is give back to the environment around the facility.

The firm has been working to support sustainable efforts across its own brewery through new infrastructure to help reduce emissions but by also supporting the community around them by taking part in supporting projects in the Dunbar area.

Gary Todd, site manager at Belhaven, said: “We introduced a new kegging line at the end of last year, which has not only reduced emissions and transport costs, but also allowed us to employ a team from the Caledonian Brewery to work on the line, protecting jobs in the area.

“Culture and heritage are at the heart of Belhaven and protecting the community around us is just as important as the actions we take into our brewery and beers, so we are proud to support initiatives such as Sustaining Dunbar’s Garden Project and other local activities.”