Hubba Bubba launches ice lollies

The new Hubba Bubba ice lollies.
The new Hubba Bubba ice lollies.

BUBBLE gum brand Hubba Bubba has expanded into the frozen aisle with the launch of new ice lollies.

Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats (MCD&T) has launched a new Hubba Bubba Ice Lolly which features a layer of bubble gum flavoured ice with a layer of squishy frozen jelly as well. 

The NPD comes in a multipack of four exclusively to Iceland stores for an RRP of £2.99 with a single format available across grocery, convenience and wholesale channels for £1.65 RRP.

Michelle Frost, general manager at MCD&T, said: “The Hubba Bubba brand has enjoyed a recent resurge in popularity, appealing to a wide spectrum of consumers.

“Following on from the successful launch of both Skittles Six and Starburst Ice Lolly in 2022, introducing Hubba Bubba to our range of branded ice lollies is an exciting move for 2023 where we hope to add a pop of fun and excitement to the freezer aisle.”