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Snappy Shopper says service benefits stores and communities

Snappy Shopper delivery man walking out of a convenience store
Snappy Shopper app users tend to buy more compared with in-store customers.

Retailers, their customers, and the communities they serve can all benefit from the technology offered by Snappy Shopper.

That was a major message from the home delivery platform’s head of marketing, Dael Links, as he looked ahead to the rest of 2023.

Important developments will include growing and supporting convenience retail by further expansion throughout the UK.

Additionally, Snappy will drive new and existing shoppers to buy leading brands, increasing both frequency and value of basket.

This will ensure retailers win with profitable baskets and increased sales, while shoppers will save and get relevant deals to help them from Snappy’s technology.

The firm says shoppers currently need value and convenience, while retailers need even more support to maintain and grow business.

Links explained: “Our online prices are the same as in-store, which means customers can order with no extra costs.

“The big marketplaces inflate retailers’ prices, while Snappy Shopper’s low-commission model enables convenience stores to protect their margins and maintain fair pricing for customers. Snappy Shopper delivery man

“With many retailers and shoppers struggling with the cost of living, offering value is essential and helps build lasting relationships between stores and their online customers.”

To help achieve that, the company is committed to negotiating with brands and wholesalers to secure deals that provide real shopper value and drive sales.

And Snappy Shopper’s technology, coupled with a retailer’s own activity, will be vital tools in pointing consumers to relevant offers.

Links said: “A key area of focus for us is supporting the end customer by working hard with the retailers.”

He highlighted Snappy Shopper’s partnership with hundreds of retailers across the country to sell more than 13,000 1p product bundles to consumers during a recent three-day promotion.

The campaign led to a spike in retailers and shoppers signing up to be part of the Snappy family.

Links added: “The campaign created a real feel-good factor around the consumer and our ability to support them during the cost-of-living crisis.

“It also grew the consumer base while supporting local communities. We intend to continue offering these kinds of promotions to boost retailer sales and help struggling customers.”

The marketing chief also advised shopkeepers that their top priority when investing in technology should be to ensure it would boost profitability. He explained: “We ensure good margins for retailers and help them from a standing start, working with them as a team.

“We’ll visit a store multiple times during the launch programme and run attractive promotions that appeal to their customers, which ultimately supports them.”

Statistics show this collaborative approach works. There are now 2,500 stores across the group, with ongoing expansion into England and Wales.

Last November, the home delivery platform passed the landmark of 50 million products being sold via the app since Snappy’s launch in 2018.

Links said top-performing shops were growing incremental sales by £1 million a year and more, with retailers reporting a £26 average basket spend via the app compared with only £10 for in-store customers.

Also, about 80% of the app shoppers would never have visited their physical store.

Links concluded: “We see retailers as pillars of the community and Snappy Shopper is about maintaining their presence, delivering convenience and protecting local services.”