Minis to hit it big

Party Rings choc minis

SAVVY retailers could be set to capitalise on a new multi-million-pound opportunity and Fox’s Burton’s Companies (FBC UK) is set to help reach this goal.

According to research conducted by the biscuits giant, Minis are the fastest growing segment across Sweet Biscuits, equating to a total value of £59.2m.

In particular, the chocolate chip and double chocolate variants were both found to be in double-digit growth for the week ending 8 October 2022, showing a demand for chocolate variants across mini biscuits.

To capitalise on this, Burton’s launched its new Party Rings Choc Mini variant after identifying the brand’s sales value grew to £7.2m during the same time period.

Colin Taylor, trade marketing director at FBC UK, said: “The growth in Minis is one of the big success stories in sweet biscuits over the last year, but so far it has been larger stores that have benefited the most.

“We’d really like to see this change and put these highly convenient, small portion products in front of shoppers in stores that are close to home, where there is a genuine need to support impulse sales and distress purchases.”