Milk drinks for all their worth

Flavoured milk helps push sales from the chiller

flavoured milk selection
Flavours to graze: Delamere remains bullish over its flavoured milk selection.

FLAVOURED milk drinks continue to remain buoyant during the current economic climate.

NielsenIQ data in April 2022 found that the sales of branded flavoured milks had risen by 11.2% during the period.

Dairy firm Delamere – known for its range of goat’s milk, goat’s yoghurt and cow’s milk variants – reckons this makes the category a sure-fire way to drive up some sales from the chillers for retailers.

To do so, the firm recommends stocking up on its range of flavoured milk drinks, which the firm said followed current popular trends with consumers to help keep the brand to the top.

According to Delamere, its on-trend glass bottles and wide variety of flavours, such as strawberry, chocolate, banana and iced coffee, have helped to keep the label a popular choice, with sales for its flavoured milk up by 19% across the whole of 2021.

Along with this, the firm said its on-the-go nature and profile of award wins keep customers coming back for more.

Steve O’Connor, head of wholesale at Delamere Dairy, said: “There’s never been a better time to review your flavoured milk and maximise on this growth area.

“The numbers speak for themselves. Delamere Flavoured customers are incredibly loyal, they know what they like, and once they have a reliable stockist, they will come back for more, often on a daily basis.”