Snappy Shopper delivers support for local stores

A Snappy shopper delivery driver loads a white van

Snappy Shopper talks about the benefits of its service in the financial crisis

RETAILERS aiming to keep their range competitive during the financial crisis will have their work cut out for them.

However, Snappy Shopper is committed to ensuring retailers don’t suffer against the larger multiples with a service that helps consumers to continue to shop locally from their homes.

Dael Links, head of marketing at Snappy Shopper, said: “The demand for home delivery and the desire to shop locally is greater than ever, but we believe the increasing number of anonymous dark stores is a threat to local high street and convenience stores in particular.

“Snappy Shopper’s mission is to ensure that retailers are educated about the benefits of an online presence and how to grow their customer base by developing an omnichannel business, using its technology.”

Now more than ever, consumers are searching for ways to cut back on spending but, with busy lifestyles, finding the time to get out to do a shop can be an issue, making delivery an attractive option.

And Snappy is keen to ensure customers don’t lose out due to inflated prices.

Links explained: “Customers are looking for value when they shop, so it is important that pricing is competitive.

“Snappy Shopper allows retailers to offer products for home delivery at in-store prices, while Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat all inflate retailers’ prices.”

Snappy’s commitment to convenience was no more exemplified than with its penny bundles initiative, which allowed families to top up on essential lunch supplies at a cheaper price.

Links said: “Snappy Shopper sold over 3,600 of its 1p promotional packed lunch bundles in just two days. Scottish shoppers snapped up 3,600 1p bundles of staples such as crisps, fruit and bread – worth a total of £30,000 – on 21 and 22 August.

“The initiative ran across 150 Scottish c-stores and in the top-performing store, 500 bundles were sold.”