Boxing clever with biscuits

fox's biscuits snowman tin

SHOPPERS like to trade up at Christmas, according to biscuit firm Fox’s Burton’s Companies.

That, it said, makes premium assortments essential for retailers to stock up on.
Trade marketing director Colin Taylor said: “Premium Assortments grew by 20% last year, driven by the likes of Fox’s Chocolatey Assortment.”

Taylor identified Christmas as a key period for biscuit sales, saying: “Over the Christmas period, 59% of households bought seasonal biscuits at least once in the 12 weeks to 26 December 2021 , so crowd-pleasers such as the Fox’s Classic Assortment act as essential signpost brands and make for an ideal Christmas top-up.”

He went on to point out that many shoppers plan ahead for Christmas and will buy premium products as gifts from early in the season.