Margarine with a mission

The Flower Farm vegan butter

CALLING itself margarine with a mission, The Flower Farm is vegan and palm oil-free.

Replacing palm oil with Shea butter, The Flower Farm is a 100% plant-based margarine, free from gluten, lactose, and cow’s milk protein.

Founder Marcel van Wing said: “The Flower Farm grew out of my personal love for the rainforest.

“I lived in Indonesia and saw with my own eyes the devastating damage to the rainforest for the construction of palm oil plantations.

“With palm oil demand predicted to treble from 75 million to 264 million tons per year in the next 25 years, more than 30 million hectares of additional rainforest will be destroyed for palm oil plantations. This is simply not sustainable.”

The Flower Farm has a recommended retail price of £2.95 for 450g, there is also a light option available.