Oreo launch aims to bring families into the store

a packet of oreo raspberry twist biscuits

Brand’s first major launch in three years adds to biscuit appeal

REPORTING that 50% of Oreo fans are under the age of 45, Mondelez International said the brand is playing a pivotal role in recruiting new shoppers by appealing to families.

And to expand its appeal, the firm has added two new products in Oreo Twists Vanilla and Caramel, and Oreo Twists Vanilla and Raspberry.

Susan Nash, trade communications manager at Mondelez, said: “As well as being the first major new launch by Oreo in the past three years, Oreo Twists are the brand’s first ever double-layered launches in the UK.

“They combine one layer of vanilla creme with another flavoured layer to add a playful twist to the original Oreo cookie, bringing new shoppers to the biscuit fixture.”

The new Oreo products are not the only recent launches among Mondelez brands. Nash explained that organic chocolate brand Green & Black’s has added two new Smooth variants to its tablets range.a bar of green and blacks chocolate and vegan cadbury chocolate

She continued: “The new Smooth bars, in Plain 50% Cocoa and Mint flavours, are now available.

“The Smooth range has been specially developed to deliver a smoother mouthfeel and taste experience to dark chocolate lovers, as well as to attract new consumers who have historically found dark chocolate too bitter. “

Mondelez has also launched a new marketing campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk.

“Helping to prompt key, familiar occasions for consumers across the UK,“ Nash said, “the campaign will remind shoppers of the delicious taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk.”

Nash also pointed out that after more than two years of challenges brought on by the pandemic, many consumers are placing an even higher focus on their wellbeing – whether that be physical, mental, or both – than ever before.

“In fact,” she said, “25% of shoppers are more influenced by health when shopping than pre-pandemic.”

Nash continued: “Looking specifically at confectionery, we rolled out the Juicies range, which is comprised of Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums Juicies, Maynards Bassetts Sports Mix Juicies and The Natural Confectionery Co. Juicy Snakes.”

Nash pointed out that these products contain fruit juice, with natural colours and flavours and added that The Natural Confectionery Co. range is growing by more than 44% year on year.