Anger over ad ban plan

Portman Group

ALCOHOL responsibility body the Portman Group has slammed the Scottish Government’s proposals on restricting alcohol advertising and promotion.

Currently in its consultation stage, the Scottish Government’s new proposals look to ban alcohol adverts across print media, prevent alcohol brands from sponsoring sports and events, as well as a total ban across outdoor advertising – including on vehicles and in public places.

Matt Lambert, chief executive at the Portman Group, reckons the proposals won’t help consumers stay informed.

He said: “These recommendations are entirely disproportionate and inhibit consumers’ ability to make informed choices, and restrict the ability to trade for producers and retailers who ensure that alcohol is sold responsibly.

“The Portman Group’s Codes of Practice has played a significant role in helping to achieve reductions in underage drinking, through extensive commitments to ensure that marketing and sponsorship does not target under-18s or vulnerable customers.”