United for the future in retail

Exterior of united wholesale depot
United in retail: UWG is set to stay strong in convenience for some time to come.

Wholesale firm aims to stay strong going forward

IT’S been another strong year for United Wholesale Grocers (UWG) Ltd as the firm looks to the future of the convenience industry.

Running off the back of a successful 2021, the wholesaler reckons its performance for 2022 will be much the same, as Tom Slaven, retailer director at United Wholesale Grocers Ltd, explained.

“UWG has had a very strong year so far, all of our depots have been on the up over the past year and we believe this will be reflected when our final financial figures for the year are published.

“And despite the current financial crisis, we believe that United are in the right place to make sure we have a strong year ahead of us, too. And we’re headed in the right direction to make sure that this happens,” he said.

Interior of united wholesale depot

The cost-of-living crisis has been weighing heavily on everyone’s mind but there has been a particular struggle placed on the doorstep of retailers across the entire country. As reported in the Office for National Statistics’ latest figures, the increasing price of groceries has been one of the main drivers of inflation and this doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Slaven reckons the firm’s support for retailers during this time is just one of the many benefits of being under the UWG symbol group, mentioning that the wholesaler is working hard to provide the support that retailers require.

“UWG is a symbol group that understands retailers don’t always have financial stability because of the challenges that come with running a convenience store.

“Our benefits can help them get that support to make sure they can get off the ground running. With the cost-of-living crisis in particular, United is here to help during this time.
“We will make sure we are doing our part to help out and provide advice to retailers and ensure that we are also pulling our socks up to help make certain that a store owner is fit for the future,” he said.

As a result of the financial crisis, Slaven reckons that consumers could be about to change their shopping habits once again and retailers should prepare to meet this.

Slaven said: “I believe more people will turn away from the weekly shop within the multiple grocer channel and choose to buy on a daily basis at their local convenience store.

Shoppers will be forced to live based on what they can afford on a daily basis.”

Despite the economic hardships, Slaven still remains bullish about the future of United Wholesale Grocers as he discussed how the firm might look in the time to come.

“UWG is focused at being at the forefront of retail convenience. We look to invest further into the digital side of it all; to help simplify the process of retailers ordering from us and make sure they can get the stock they need.

“I believe that the convenience channel has a strong future ahead of it and United is ready to remain strong with it for some time to come,” he said.