Set to create a real buzz

Energy tonic water launched

Buzzed is billed as a unique and eco-friendly drink.

NEW drinks brand Buzzed has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first energy tonic water – offering retailers an uplifting sales opportunity.

The firm said the soft drink/mixer taps into rising interest in health and wellness by offering consumers a low-calorie energy booster that makes the most of natural ingredients.

Its caffeine content is extracted from 100% natural plant sources, while Buzzed is sweetened with only the finest pure blossom honey and stevia – meaning it will avoid the pitfalls should any HFSS restrictions come into force.

And with just 17kcals per can, Buzzed was described by the firm as “the ultimate guilt-free pick-me-up and perfect for times when a naturally powered energising lift is required”.

The brand also said the new drink ticks the eco-friendly box demanded by so many consumers as all the ingredients are ethically produced in the UK, while Buzzed is also 100% recyclable.

The new product is available to retailers in cases of eight units with an RRP of £5.50 and features contemporary branding to make it stand out on the shelves.

Founder Louise Lloyd said: “The Buzzed liquid was carefully flavour profiled to work with all spirits, including dark rums and whiskies. It’s designed to delight consumers beyond the traditional G&T, V&T and vodka/energy combinations.”