Innovation for Rollover in convenience food to go

interior of a convenience store foodcourt

There’s more to Rollover than hotdogs

FOOD to go has never been more competitive and forecourt retailers will know they need to keep customers engaged, or risk losing out.

Suppliers are no different, even those as well established as Rollover.

It should come as no surprise that the brand best known for its hotdog offer has placed a priority on innovation.

Tony Owen, sales and marketing director at Rollover, explained how the firm has shaken up its offer to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

“Our strategy is very much about being a broad-based hot food to go provider. The hotdog will always be our hero product and the brand is named after that, but you’ll see the work we’re doing with our retail customers is much broader.

a rollover burger on greaseproof paper with ketchup
Rollover has expanded is range and introduced new burger options.

“If you go into a Eurogarages site, you will see everything there, nachos, beef burgers, cheeseburgers, breakfast muffins and everything.

“We’re moving to a place where we expect our offer to be broader – it’s all part of how we intend to grow the business,” he said.

It’s been an exciting time for the team at Rollover. A rebrand two and a half years ago appears to be hitting the mark and following the successful launch of its burger, Rollover is adding a cheeseburger and double-cheeseburger to the range.

Equipment innovation brings higher instore impact

Product isn’t the only place retailers can expect to see new developments from Rollover, either.

Owen said that equipment innovation is as important to the brand as product and retailers should be able to see some differences.

A rollever hotdog vending machine filled with hotdogs burgers and sauces

“We’ve done a lot of work over the years. Our equipment portfolio is changing as well, we’re moving more towards open-fronted equipment rather than close-fronted, which enables us to have a broader selection of products in the equipment that we have.

“We go for high impact in store. If you look at some of our counter units with illuminated surroundings, or our tower units, it’s all very much around asking how we create impact when you’re sitting next to a Costa unit or a F’Real unit. How do you really draw the consumer in?” he said.

Rollover has new equipment coming through all the time, Owen said, working with suppliers throughout the world.

That’s all well and good, but time-pressed retailers may wonder how easily they can integrate a new offer into their store.

According to Owen, the process with Rollover couldn’t be simpler. Equipment is supplied on a free-on-loan basis and should there be any faults, the brand operates a replace and repair policy.

Ordering is straightforward too, he said, as retailers need only access Rollover’s online platform to schedule deliveries. For ambient stock, Rollover can deliver next day, while frozen product deliveries are available two or three times per week.

Owen was bullish about Rollover’s prospects for the future and the brand’s ability to help retailers achieve good margins.

“I’d say it’s a very strong brand. It’s recognised by consumers, operationally it is very straightforward and the support level retailers get from the Rollover team is excellent,” he said.