Small-batch Scotland

glass of gin

LOCAL gins are easier to find in Scotland than elsewhere in the UK, according to market research from data collection service Shepper.

As consumers seek to create on-trade experiences at home, a study of hospitality serving habits has revealed Scottish venues appear to overindex in small-batch brands.

Research conducted across 1,000 independent free-trade hospitality sites found that venues in Scotland and Brighton were more likely to serve local and small-batch gins than the rest of the UK.

Category sales in the UK on trade are dominated by four brands according to Shepper: Beefeater, Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire and Gordons.

However in Scotland, 15% of Shepper researchers received an alternative to the top brands.

When it comes to mixers, Fevertree and Schweppes account for the lion’s share of sales in UK hospitality venues.

More than half of the venues visited by Shepper researchers served Fevertree (53%), followed by Schweppes at 16%. Only one in four outlets served a tonic other than one of those two brands.