Sparkling shines for big night in

Highland Spring water

SPARKLING water is going from strength-to-strength in Scottish stores, according to Highland Spring.

Mike Buckland, marketing controller at Highland Spring Group, explained: “In the last four weeks, sales of Highland Spring’s 1.5L of Sparkling Water have risen by 57% in the Scottish convenience sector.

“Perhaps previously overlooked or reserved for special occasions, the last 18 months has revealed a trend towards sparkling natural source water.”

Growth for sparkling water comes as cash-strapped consumers increasingly entertain at home.

Buckland acknowledged that while Covid-19 restrictions have driven big night in performance over the last two years, the rising cost-of-living is keeping consumers at home despite the lack of pandemic rules.

Those staying at home will still seek to recreate hospitality experiences and it’s here that sparkling water can shine, according to Buckland.

“Retailers should ensure they have a variety of formats available when it comes to bottled water, which is a must-have for big nights in,” he said.