C-stores back vaping as a tool

SGF calls on ScotGov for support

Hand holding a vape with green background
SGF said the Scottish Government should embrace vaping as a cessation tool.

THE Scottish Grocers’ Federation has called on the Scottish Government to recognise the power of vaping in the fight against tobacco smoking.

As the Scottish Government consults on potential restrictions on the display and advertising of vape products, a survey conducted by Diffley Partnership found a majority of consumers support vaping as a cessation tool.

The survey found 63% of consumers agreed that vaping is not as harmful as smoking tobacco and encouraged smokers to make the switch to e-cigarettes.
SGF reckons this poll shows the potential that e-cigarette options have in the fight against tobacco smoking, and could help the Scottish Government meet its smoke free by 2034 target.

In response to the new findings, John Lee, head of policy and public affairs at the SGF, has called for the government to support its members in helping smokers transition to vaping.
“Not only is buying in one of our member’s stores good for the local economy, it also helps the vaper know what they are buying.

“The Scottish Government wants to make Scotland smoke-free by 2034 – they have the route to achieving that right in front of them,” he said.