UWS teams up with Gophr

UNITED Wholesale Scotland’s delivery app brand Yuu has launched a new on-demand delivery service with Gophr in Glasgow.

The new service aims to offer consumers delivery within 60 minutes, with the initial launch expected to include 70 c-stores across Scotland’s largest city.

Yuu also has plans to expand beyond Glasgow, with the grocery app aiming to rollout across Scotland by the end of this year.

The service works by allowing stores to use couriers working for delivery network Gophr. Yuu claims this will allow stores to offer a delivery service that can operate seven days, between 8am-9pm and that is faster than the competition.

Chris Gallacher, managing director of United Wholesale Scotland, said the partnership was a response to feedback from the wholesaler’s customers.

“We asked some of our retailers why they weren’t getting on the crest of the wave by moving into home delivery. The biggest barriers were having to invest in their own delivery vehicle, getting a driver who is reliable and a platform that reflects the range we have in store.

“Our tech, marketing, e-commerce and operations teams have worked tirelessly to remove these barriers over the past 12 months. This would not be possible without the partnership with Gophr, we are both aligned when it comes to giving consumers a great service at the doorstep. I believe that we’re the only wholesaler offering this type of home delivery platform, not just in Scotland but in the whole of the UK.”

Graham Smith, Head of Strategic Accounts at Gophr, commented: “Yuu came to us with a very simple plan: to be faster and easier to book with than their rivals. Our experience in the last-mile delivery space and grocery sector means that we can certainly help with the former while not compromising on the doorstep experience.

“We’re always excited to go into partnerships with those who want to make a difference and there is no denying that Yuu has ambitions that match ours. The fact that we can announce such a relationship at a time of uncertainty within the RGD space is testament to the work the team is doing here at Gophr.”