The dark side of the Malteser

Dark Malteser treat bag

MARS has embraced the dark side, with the first evolution of its classic Maltesers treat for almost a decade.

The confectionery giant has rolled out Dark Maltesers in a move that it reckons will tap into growing consumer demand for dark chocolate in the UK.

First landing on shelves on 20 June, the Dark Maltesers range comprises a 32g single pack (£0.66); treat bag 59g (£1.19); Pouch 88g (£2.09); and ‘More to Share’ 163g pack (£2.79).

According to Mars Wrigley, Maltesers Dark have 65% more cocoa and 30% less sugar than original Maltesers.

Leah Dyckes, brand director at Maltesers, commented on the launch: “We are excited to be extending our Maltesers range to offer Maltesers fans a new twist on the chocolate malt confections, which we all know and love.

“We thought it was about time to finally create Dark Maltesers, as fans have been requesting us to bring out this flavour for years.

“We are proud to have developed this new innovation and we can’t wait for everyone to taste the new product.”

Dark Malteser