Rolling out a hot food to go offer

Rollover reckons it has the right solution for c-stores

Rollover hotdog and burger
Rollover has reformulated its vegan burger and added more premium FTG options.

INVESTING in food to go doesn’t have to break the bank.

There are cost-effective and straightforward ways to expand FTG, according to Veronica Casalino, trade marketing executive for Rollover.

Casalino said the brand’s extensive hot food-to-go range, including the suite of equipment it can offer, makes it the “perfect partner for retailers and small stores.”

“You will be able to start or expand your food-to-go range offering delicious and fulfilling products for all the food occasions that will bring customers back for more. All this using free-on-loan equipment to make a large profit,” she said.

Despite taking a hit during the Covid restrictions, when workers were forced to stay home, food to go is still on course to expand.

Lumina Intelligence’s ‘UK Food To Go Market report 2021’ estimated FTG will be worth £22.6 billion in 2024.

Casalino reckons c-store retailers are in a great position to capitalise on this growth, provided they offer a range that meets customer demand throughout the day.

She said: “Starting with breakfast, you can serve mouth-watering Wall’s all day breakfast sausage baguette and delicious breakfast muffins.

“Moving into snack, lunch and dinner you can opt for a wide range of succulent hot dogs and delicious burgers.

“Thanks to Rollover’s tasty vegan sausages, and halal sausages, all customers’ diet requirements will be satisfied.

“Rollover also provides a range of sauces which are perfect to level burgers and hot dogs up to the next game.”

A comprehensive food-to-go range needs to do more than cover three meals per day, it also needs to cater to a variety of dietary requirements.

Rollover has stepped up its game in this regard, by reformulating its vegan burger recipe.

The brand also caters to customers following a halal diet. Rollover’s portfolio includes a 90g and 140g halal sausage – both of which are made from chicken.

The firm has also expanded its premium offer, adding a king-size Krakauer and cheese sausage to the range, providing retailers with an opportunity to up-sell.

Equipment improvements are also on the agenda, with a new release coming soon, according to Casalino.

“A new piece of equipment is coming soon which will enable customers to offer more SKUs and cover all the food-to-go occasions,” she said.

Rollover store
Watch this space: new equipment coming soon.