Red Bull backs price marking

Energy brand sees value in format

Red Bull recently expanded its range of PMPs with a new multipack.

AFTER taste, price and value are the biggest sales drivers in the energy drink category, meaning those retailers that communicate a good deal will do well.

That was Red Bull’s conclusion, with the energy drink brand recognising the value that the PMP format offers to convenience retailers.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “In particular, 56% of all impulse shoppers indicated that they would be more likely to buy a price-marked pack, significantly over indexing within the 33-44 year old age demographic.”

According to Red Bull, stocking PMPs helps to deliver added value to shoppers, encouraging more purchases by “providing reassurance when it comes to price.”

The energy drink brand recommended that retailers stock PMPs across best-sellers at all times, “to demonstrate range and offer customers a transparent choice whilst driving sales and profit for operators.”

It’s not just words, Red Bull has been acting to expand its own PMP offer.

The launch of a new Sugarfree price-marked multipack Red Bull has expanded the brand’s portfolio of larger formats – an extension that is exclusively available to symbol and independent convenience stores.

The move would seem to make sense for Red Bull and c-store retailers. According to Kantar data for the 24 weeks to 20 February 2022, volume sales for Red Bull’s Sugarfree multipacks were up 15.2%.

The spokesperson commented: “Expanding Red Bull’s offering to include a Sugarfree price-marked multipack both bolsters the brand’s current multipack portfolio, but also presents an important opportunity to futureproof the range and support retailers navigating incoming HFSS legislation.”